Inflatable tents

Inflatable tents are becoming increasingly important for aid and rescue organizations. The typical pole tents (SG tents) are therefore increasingly being replaced by inflatable rescue tents in active use. Vehicle manufacturers and equipment companies are also increasingly relying on inflatable tents for the first loading of vehicles. Our inflatable tents are used by rescue organizations such as DRK, Malteser, Johanniter etc. as well as by fire brigades and by the technical relief organization. They are used as command centers, casualty collection points, medical tents, weather protection and accommodation for people and equipment, as well as decontamination tents.
The main advantages of our inflatable tents are:

  • Small packing size
  • Light weight
  • Fast set-up time
  • Few staff for the set-up

We offer our customers both a standard system in the field of inflatable tents – PRZ, PZ, LPZ and APZ tents, but we also manufacture inflatable tents in special designs, or implement special customer requests here.

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The APZ inflatable tents are a cost-effective form of inflatable tent. They are mainly used for simple medical services or as weather protection for member recruitment. Compared to many other inflatable pylon tents of this type, our tents are equipped with three pressure relief valves and an inflation valve that allows inflation with both an electric blower and compressed air cylinders. The floor is included in the delivery as standard.

The inflatable frame construction has a separate, internal air duct and is made of polyester 500D FR. The tent is supplied as standard with three closed side panels and one side panel with door (zippered entrance). Additional side sections with doors, a canopy or an adapter tarpaulin for rainproof connection of several APZ tents are available as optional accessories at an extra charge. The material is polyester 500D FR and is available in white or red. Other colors are available on request.

The tent is supplied complete with a PVC floor in grey and includes pegs for anchoring and a repair kit. It is equipped with a combi valve for connecting a blower or compressed air cylinder. The tent and accessories are each supplied in a packing bag.

The APZ tent can be inflated quickly and easily with both a blower and compressed air cylinders.

Our models:

PRZ - Professional rescue tent

The PRZ professional rescue tent is very popular with rescue and aid organizations due to its numerous advantages and extensive equipment. Here are some of the most important features:

  1. 2-circuit system in the scaffolding: Thanks to the two separate air circuits in the frame, the tent does not collapse completely in the event of a leak. In this case, people or objects can still be removed from the tent and repairs can be started immediately.
  2. Self-erecting tent: Thanks to the two longitudinal air rollers at the bottom, the tent erects itself after unpacking and during pitching. An additional person is not required to unroll and spread out the tent.
  3. Removable groundsheet: The floor of the tent can be removed as it is fitted with a stitched Velcro fastener. This makes it easy to clean the groundsheet and allows the tent to be placed over vehicles involved in an accident to ensure visual and user protection.
  4. High-quality: The tent is equipped with high-quality rotary clamp fasteners on the entrance doors and a heavy-duty groundsheet. High-quality is guaranteed in all areas of the tent.

The frame of the tent consists of an inflatable support frame with two pneumatically separated safety air chamber systems. Even in the event of a complete loss of pressure in one support frame, the functionality of the remaining support frames is maintained and the entire construction remains stable.The frame is made of rubberized polyamide fabric on both sides in black.

The frame has two inflation valves for inflating and deflating the compressed air and two pressure relief valves to prevent over-inflation of the air chambers. Eyelets are attached to the longitudinal and cross beams of the scaffold to hang lamps, infusion bottles and other objects. Fastening lugs for anchoring pegs are located in the floor area. Fastening lugs for anchoring ground spikes are arranged in the floor area.

PZ - PVC scaffolding tent

The PZ inflatable tents differ from the PRZ type only in their frame design. The frame of the PZ tents consists of a 1-chamber system and is made of gray PVC material that is high-frequency welded. In contrast, the frame of the PRZ tents is made of neoprene rubber and is glued and sewn. Due to these differences, the PZ tents are cheaper than the PRZ tents and represent an economically interesting alternative to other types of inflatable tents.

The PZ tents are a cost-effective, easy-to-use and solid version of inflatable tents. They are used by civil protection, rescue services and fire departments as a rapid deployment solution for incident command, casualty collection points, first aid stations, weather protection and for accommodating people and equipment.

The PZ tent can be inflated quickly and easily using a blower or compressed air cylinders. The frame consists of an inflatable support frame with a pneumatic air chamber system. It is equipped with two inflation valves for inflating and deflating the compressed air and a pressure relief valve to prevent over-inflation of the air chambers. The frame material is made of high-frequency welded PVC with a weight of approx. 800 g/sqm and is gray in color.

In the area of the floor, there are regularly arranged fastening straps on the long sides for anchoring pegs. Eyelets are attached to all longitudinal and cross beams of the scaffolding to hang lamps, infusion bottles and other objects.

Our models:

LPZ - Lightweight pneumatic tent

Our LPZ (lightweight pneumatic tent) was specially developed for short-term use and rapid deployment. It is characterized by its low weight, small packing size and easy inflation with a blower or compressed air. The frame of the tent has an inflation valve and a safety valve to ensure safe and controlled inflation. Thanks to these features, the tents can easily be set up by 1 to 2 people.


The HP tents from Inhag are specially designed for long-term use. Thanks to their stable high-pressure construction, they are able to withstand snow loads of up to 40 kg and wind loads of up to 120 km/h. This makes them ideal for use by armies and aid organizations and they are widely used in these areas. The tents can also be fitted with inner tents for winter use. Shade modules are also available for these tents to provide additional protection from the sun.

Ballast hose for weighting and securely tensioning tents

To ensure that the tents are firmly anchored to solid ground such as paved, tarred or concreted surfaces, water hoses for weighting and bracing are the ideal solution. These hoses can be used to connect the guy ropes of the tent to the eyelets of the ballast hose. For tents with dirt strips (scaffolding tents), the ballast tube can be placed on the dirt strip to weigh down the tent and the guy ropes can be attached to it. The ballast tube has a funnel for easy filling with water. Thanks to its open design, the ballast hose can be filled quickly. It is made of reusable PVC material with a weight of 650 g/m² and can be color-coordinated on request. The ballast hoses are manufactured to customer specifications and are available in various sizes, with standard sizes being 4.0 m, 6.0 m, 8.0 m and 10.0 m.