Inflatable tents

Inflatable tents are becoming increasingly important for aid and rescue organizations. The typical pole tents (SG tents) are therefore increasingly being replaced by inflatable rescue tents in active use. Vehicle manufacturers and equipment companies are also increasingly relying on inflatable tents for the first loading of vehicles. Our inflatable tents are used by rescue organizations such as DRK, Malteser, Johanniter etc. as well as by fire brigades and by the technical relief organization. They are used as an operations control center, injuries collection point, medical tent, weather protection and accommodation for people and equipment, as well as decon tents.
The main advantages of our inflatable tents are:

  • Small pack size
  • Light weight
  • Fastest set-up time
  • Little staff for the construction

We offer our customers both a standard system in the field of inflatable tents – PRZ, PZ, LPZ and APZ tents, but we also manufacture inflatable tents in special designs, or implement special customer requests here.

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APZ - Tents

The APZ inflatable tents are the ones up to now
cheap form of inflatable tents. These tents
are mainly used for simple medical services or
used as weather protection for member recruitment. in the
Contrary to many other inflatable pylon tents
our tents are equipped with 3 pressure relief valves,
as well as a filling valve that both
a filling with electric blower, as well
Compressed air bottles guaranteed.
Furthermore, the bottom of our APZ tents is basic
always included in the delivery as standard.
The inflatable scaffold construction has a separate,
internal air duct, 500D FR material polyester.
In the standard the tent is closed with 3
Side panels and a side panel with door (entrance
with zipper).
Other side parts with door design, canopy or
Adapter tarpaulin for rainproof additional APZ tents
connect, are available as an option at an additional cost.
• Material: polyester 500 D FR, color white or red.
Other colors on request
• Tent complete with gray PVC floor
• Including ground nails for anchoring,
and repair kit
• 1 combination valve for connection of blower
or compressed air bottle
• 3 safety pressure relief valves
• 1 pack sack for tent and accessories

Our models:

PZ tents

Because of the simple, straightforward and very
The PZ tents are particularly suitable for quick set-up
for rescue operations at fire brigades and
Emergency services.

With an electric blower or off
Air bottles can keep the tents to a minimum
Personnel expenses inflated in a few minutes
will. For winter use, special thermal lining
and air heaters are offered.

Our models:

PRZ tents MPZ tents

Our PRZ inflatable tents are included
Rescue and aid organizations very common.

These tents have two main advantages:
2-circuit system in the scaffold
This falls through the 2 separate air circles in the scaffolding
In the event of a leak, the tent should not be completely assembled.
In this case, people or
Items brought out of the tent and with the repair
be started immediately.
Self erecting tent
Through the two longitudinal air rollers below,
aligns the tent after unpacking while
of construction, independently. An additional person
it is not necessary to roll out and spread out the tent.

LPZ tents

Our LPZ (light pneumatic tent) is for the
developed for short-term use and rapid deployment
been. It is light, has a small pack size
and can be inflated with blower or compressed air
will. The scaffold has a fill valve as well
a safety valve. These tents are great
set up by 1 to 2 people.