Our HP inflatable tents are widely used by armies and aid organizations.

High pressure tents are an optimal solution for extreme weather conditions and are resistant to temperature fluctuations. Seamless tubes do not require an automatic pressure regulation pump. In addition, the 115 mm air beams do not form an obstacle inside the tent. In the event of deformation of the structure in extreme weather conditions, it automatically returns to its original shape.

These tents have significant advantages:

  • Set-up time: 10 – 20 min
  • Personnel required to erect: 2 – 4 people (depending on size)
  • Wind load: 100 – 120 km/h
  • Snow load: 20 – 40 kg/m²

technical details

Length6,00 m
Width6,00 m
Side height2,05 m
Ridge height3,30 m
Area36,0 m²
Weight95 - 385 kg, depending on the design and size of the tent
Packing size1200 x 850 x 700 mm
Number of doors for the entrances1
Truss spacing2
Roof pitch22
Air chambers2

Roof and wall material (3 options):

  • 1 / 250 g/m², FR, two-tone PU-coated on one side 500D PES, UV-resistant, mold-inhibiting
  • 2 / 450 g/m², FR, two-tone PVC-coated 1000D PES, UV-resistant, mold-inhibiting
  • 3 / 650 g/m², FR, opaque, two-tone PVC-coated 1000D PES, UV-resistant, mold-inhibiting

All zippers are HF-welded and waterproof.

Bicolor is always grey on the inside and orange on the outside.

  • Red for the fire department
  • Olive green and desert colors for military purposes
  • White/white for medical purposes

Scaffolding material:

An inflatable support scaffold with 2200 g EPDM-coated HT tubes (color grey) is used.

Technical description of the scaffolding system:

High-pressure round beams Ø 115 mm, with a pressure of 6-8 bar. The structure is reinforced by horizontal longitudinal beams at the top of the roof.

Floor covering material:

  • 480 g/m²
  • FR
  • Non-slip PVC coated PES
  • Color grey

It is recommended to add an optional inlay floor with 480g/m² non-slip PVC.

Summary of the standard version:

  • 1 Filling valves for compressed air
  • 2 quick air vents
  • 1 roll-up inlet
  • 2 feed-throughs for heating hoses
  • 2 feed-throughs for cables
  • 1 PVC floor covering
  • Suspension loops on the scaffolding
  • Complete storm lines
  • Complete ground pegs with hammer
  • Repair kit
  • Packing bag for tent
  • Packing bag for accessories