APZ 44

The APZ 44 is an inflatable pylon tent.

technical details

Length4,0 m
Wide4,0 m
Heigth2,70 m
Weight30 kg


  • Inflatable scaffold construction with separate internal air duct, the material is made of polyester 500D FR
  • The roof is including 3 closed side parts
  • 1 side part as entrance is designed with a zipper
  • Material: polyester 500 D FR, color white or red, other colors on request
  • The tent is completely lined with PVC, the floor color is gray
  • Includes pegs for anchoring, as well as repair kit
  • 1 x combination valve for connection for blower or a compressed air bottle
  • 3 x safety pressure relief valve
  • 1 x pack sack for tent and accessories

An additional entrance and additional fields are optional