MPZ 30

Our center tent MPZ 30 is a square tent with 4 entrances. Thanks to the prefabricated connections, up to 4 additional tents can be attached to this tent. Each gable end has an entrance measuring approximately 3.0 x 2.2 m. Each entrance can be rolled up and divided using a zipper system.


technical details

Length5,60 m
Wide5,60 m
Side height2,15 m
Ridge height3,30 m
Area30 m²
Weight95 kg
Pack size1150 x 850 x 700 mm
Number of doors for the entrances4
Truss spacing/
Roof pitch13
Air chambers1

Material of the roof and walls:

The material of the roof and walls consists of a high-quality polyester fabric (300 g / qm), which is coated with PVC. The special fabric is:

  • waterproof
  • anti-rot (anti-fungicide)
  • flame retardant (DIN 4102 B1)

Each gable end has an entrance measuring approx. 3.0 x 2.2 m. Each entrance can be rolled up and divided using a zipper system. Two lockable bushings are arranged on each long side to accommodate cables and heating hoses. The tarpaulin can be produced in the following standard colors (similar to RAL) at no extra charge:

  • White (RAL 9010)
  • Beige (RAL 1001)
  • Gray (RAL 7045)
  • Red (RAL 3000)
  • Orange (RAL 2002)
  • Blue (RAL 5011)
  • Yellow (RAL 1021)


Framework material:

The scaffolding material is an inflatable scaffolding using 2 pneumatically separated safety air chamber systems. Even if there is complete pressure loss in one support frame, the separate chamber system ensures that the remaining support frames remain functional, which ensures the stability of the entire construction.
The scaffolding is equipped with 2 filling valves for inflating and deflating the compressed air and 2 pressure relief valves that prevent the air chambers from being filled excessively. The frame is made of double-sided rubberized polyamide fabric, color black.
In the area of ​​the floor, fastening tabs for anchoring pegs are arranged at regular intervals on the long sides.
Eyelets for hanging lamps, infusion bottles etc. are attached to all longitudinal and cross members of the scaffold.

Flooring material:

The floor is made of double-sided coated polyester fabric, color gray. It is flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1 and firmly sewn to the tent skin.

Summary of the standard version:

  • 2 filling valves for compressed air and / or blower
  • 2 quick vents
  • 2 roll-up and divisible entrances
  • 2 bushings for heating hoses
  • 2 cable glands
  • 1 PVC flooring
  • Suspension loops on the scaffold
  • Complete storm lines
  • Complete pegs with hammer
  • Repair kit with hand pump
  • Pannier for tent
  • Pannier for accessories