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Tents for the fire brigade, rescue services etc.

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Tents for youth organizations, camps, etc.

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Inhag Tents – tent systems and accessories

Rescue tents are important equipment for emergencies and offer protection and safety in critical situations. They are available in different sizes and designs to meet individual needs. Accessories for rescue tents include ground sheets, storage bags and repair kits to ensure the durability and functionality of the tents. When selecting rescue tents and accessories, it is important to pay attention to quality, weather resistance and ease of use. Our website offers you a wide selection of high-quality rescue tents and accessories to ensure that you are well equipped for any situation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – we will be happy to help!

Thank you for your interest in our tent systems. Our sophisticated product portfolio and the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers make us a reputable and solid company with a passion for tent systems. Choose from our product portfolio:

Scaffolding tents

Easy to set up

Inflatable tents

Rapid deployment tent


Rapid response products for personal and material decontamination

Pumps / hot water / waste water

Products for water supply and disposal

Special tents

We realize customer requests

Field hospital / field camp

From small field hospitals to fully equipped surgical tents

Flood protection management

Rapid response - flood protection

Tent lighting / ambient lighting

Tents properly illuminated

Tent heating / tent air conditioning

Products for pleasant temperatures

Products for filling inflatable tents

With these products your tent will be up in no time

Power generation / power storage

Products for mobile power supply

Power distribution / fuse protection

Products for fuse protection and distribution

Tent equipment / furniture

Products for tent equipment

Special offers / special sales

Promotions and special sales around the tent

INHAG special projects

Here we present our special projects, some of which we have realized together with partner companies. INHAG can do more than just tents - together with our partners we can supply you with all kinds of interesting equipment. We are happy to realize your project - from a simple tent to complete furnishings including assembly.