INHAG cleans and repairs your tents

Has your tent been soiled or damaged during use? No problem - just contact us! After an inspection, we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding cost estimate. In most cases, photos of the degree of soiling/damage to your tent are sufficient to draw up a cost estimate. For larger repairs, we recommend sending the tent to us for repair. We will document the damage to the tent and draw up a cost estimate to repair the damage.

Cracks and damage

Has your tent been damaged? No problem - INHAG repairs!

INHAG Service Center

In our demonstration center, we give you the opportunity to test and try out special tent systems directly on site. This offer is particularly popular with customers who have no previous experience with inflatable tents and would therefore like to erect or dismantle an inflatable tent themselves to help them make a decision. Or it may be a decision about the method of decontamination. This is not just a question of whether a decontamination shower is sufficient or whether a complete decontamination tent should be used. Rather, it is a question of the overall concept, from the provision of water at the scene to the disposal of the (contaminated) water.