Special tents

We manufacture tents – including inflatable tents – not just as a pure standard variant. We manufacture specific, inflatable tents according to use and usage or according to customer requirements.

If you need a special version, please contact us directly.
In a first, non-binding telephone call, we can clarify whether your wishes can be implemented technically.

Big tents

Our models:

Isolation - highly infectious diseases

Our models:

Civil protection tent PARS

The requirements for civil protection tents are constantly changing. “Just” delivering a tent to provide people with temporary accommodation has long been out of date. Modern civil protection management today places significantly higher demands on civil protection tents:

  • Can be used worldwide
  • Can be used in extreme climatic conditions
  • Smallest pack sizes and weights
  • Permanently safe accommodation of helpers and victims
  • Workplaces without restrictions
  • Flexible and variable to act cost-effectively

The P (inflatable) tent system is used in extreme civil protection missions and is ideally suited to implement these requirements.