Decon tents / decon showers

In recent years, the demand for inflatable decon tents and decon showers has risen steadily, not least due to recurring problems such as bird flu, swine fever, Ebola and specific contamination in the various crisis areas of the world. Inhag has a standard range for both decon showers and decon tents. 6 basic versions are available for the decon showers, 2 basic versions for the decon tents and 5 basic versions for the decon basins. For many customers, special solutions in the area of ​​decon showers and decon tents have already been implemented. Decon showers of 4 m² (smallest unit) and 10 m² (smallest unit for lying injuries) up to the 3 tent decon system (100 m²) have already been implemented. Therefore, the area shown here is only a fraction of the systems built so far.

If you have an application that is not listed here, please contact us directly.

However, we not only manufacture decon showers and decon tents, we also advise customers on the selection of complete systems and deliver a complete, functioning system right down to the patient conveyor belt.

The individual accessories for the decon area can be found under Accessories / Spare parts.

Dekon tents
Dekon showers
Decontamination tray
demonstration center

In our demonstration center, we give you the opportunity to test or try out special tent systems directly on site. This offer is primarily perceived by customers who have no experience with inflatable tents and therefore want to set up or dismantle an inflatable tent themselves and thus receive decision-making assistance.

Or it is a decision about the type of decontamination. This is not just about the question of whether a decon shower is enough or a complete decon tent should be used. Rather, it is about the nature of the overall concept, from the provision of water on site to the disposal of the (contaminated) polluted water.