Field hospital / field camp

We at INHAG offer 3 options for realizing field hospitals or large mobile shelters.

  1. Mobile inflatable disaster control tents for extreme deployment areas, type Pars. These tents are designed for long-term use in both humanitarian and military applications. They can withstand climatic conditions from – 40° C to +70 °C, have a snow load of 25 kg/m² and are stable up to 100 km wind speed with the specified anchoring. The 3 different sizes mean that any required shape of field hospital can be created.
  2. PRZ mobile rapid deployment tents. With our MPZ center point tent, we are able to set up a star-shaped mobile field hospital or a large mobile shelter within a very short time.
  3. Furthermore, field camps / field hospitals can be realized via MUZ-MAZ tents or via our FU FA as well as UT tents and CT tents. INHAG tent camps are now being used on every continent in the world by a wide variety of aid and rescue organizations. Whether for refugees in Africa or for military accommodation in Brazil, INHAG tents offer safety and protection. Depending on customer requirements, we supply everything from simple tents to complete equipment (lighting, generators, furniture, beds, showers, toilets, etc.).