Flood protection / management

Mobile flood protection has also become increasingly important in Germany in recent years, not least due to the various flood disasters.
We at INHAG offer a simple, effective and mobile flood protection system that has already been used successfully many times in flood protection.

Areas of application:

  • Protection against rising watercourses (streams, rivers, sea beaches)
  • Protection against rising standing water in the event of localized heavy rainfall (e.g. lakes, moorland areas, etc.)
  • Support for existing dams or flood protection facilities
  • Protection of existing buildings and facilities (electrical switching networks)
  • Detour or rerouting of existing watercourses

Advantages of this system:

  • This is a mobile system using water against flooding
  • The system can be used over and over again, it is not a disposable system
  • Minimal, small packing size, therefore low storage requirements
  • Minimal logistics effort
  • Only 2 people are required to set up
  • The protection height can be flexibly designed (0.3 m to 1.5 m)
  • The individual elements can be connected to any desired length using quick connectors (endless length)
  • Any desired shape can be created thanks to the flexible hose shape (e.g. the course of the flood protection corresponds to the course of a river)
  • The construction of an artificial water reservoir or an artificial reservoir is possible at any time and in any environment
  • It can be installed on different surfaces (concrete, asphalt, meadow, streams, sand, gravel, etc.)
  • The assembly instructions are printed directly on the flood protection hose and can therefore also be used by assembly assistants at any time
Mobile flood protection