DD 09

Inflatable 1-person decontamination shower with integrated changing cubicle, removable partition wall and pre-installed shower equipment.

technical details

Length outside3,50 m
Width outside2,50 m
Height outside2,70 m
Weight95 kg
Length shower2,00 m
Length changing room1,50 m
Packing size1200 x 900 x 900 mm
Number of spray nozzles per cabin5
Number of hand showers per cabin1

Standard version:

  • External inflatable scaffolding
  • Support frame consists of special fabric coated on both sides with PVC
  • Floor pan consists of PVC-coated special fabric with anti-slip embossing, color gray
  • The roof, sides and floor are individually removable and replaceable
  • Connection of a D-Storz coupling for the water inlet
  • Packing bag / transport bag for the shower
  • 4 storm lines with pegs and hammer
  • Repair kit
  • Bag for the accessories
  • Combination valve for blower or bottle filling


Optional accessories:

  • Viewing window
  • Viewing window with 1 pair of gloves
  • Washing brush
  • Separate circuit for water and decontamination solution
  • Decontamination mixing / dosing system
  • Instantaneous water heater
  • Waste water pump
  • Pre-basin
  • Flexible tank for waste water
  • Flexible tank for fresh water
  • Water distribution station
  • Floor