DZ 25

The DZ 25 decon tent is the smallest and cheapest way to decontaminate a large number of contaminated people.
The Decon tent DZ 25 is a 2-line system, which is divided into 6 cabins by a longitudinal partition and 2 cross-dividers:

  • 2 lining areas
  • 2 shower areas
  • 2 dressing areas

Each shower area is equipped with a hand shower with a spiral hose. The two shower areas are combined in a decon tub, which can be removed if necessary.
The shower areas are divided by a partition that can be rolled up so that, if necessary, both shower areas can also be combined to form a coherent shower area in which a lying injured person on a stretcher can be decontaminated.

technical details

Length5,0 m
Width5,20 m
Side height2,20 m
Ridge height2,80 m
Number of lining areas2
Number of shower areas2
Number of decon tubs1
Number of dressing areas2
Number of hand showers2
Weight110 kg
Connection water systemStorz D
Number of windows4