DZ 42-3

The decon tent DZ 42-3 is the most frequently used option today to decontaminate a larger number of contaminated people (mass incidence). The decon tent DZ 42-3 is a 3-line system, which is divided into two cabins by two longitudinal dividers and 2 transverse dividers:

  • 3 dressing areas
  • 3 shower areas
  • 3 lining areas
  • Line 1 for uninjured female persons
  • Line 2 for injured people
  • Line 3 for uninjured male persons

Shower area 1 and 3 are each equipped with 5 nozzles and a hand shower with a spiral hose.
Shower area 2 is equipped with 2 hand showers with a spiral hose.
All shower areas are combined in a decon tub, which can be removed separately if required.
The decon tent DZ 42-3 has a complete inner tent that can be removed and cleaned separately. Because the inner tent and the decon tub can be removed, the tent is multifunctional and can also be used as a collection point for injured people or as a command tent.

The DZ 42-3 decon tent can of course also be supplied in a 2-line version.

technical details

Length7,0 m
Width6,0 m
Side height2,20 m
Ridge height2,80 m
Number of lining areas3
Number of shower areas3
Number of decon tubs1
Number of dressing areas3
Number of hand showers4
Number of strands2 x 5 Stück
Weight200 kg
Water system connection on both sidesStoz D