Our new shower tent PRZ 18 with integrated 4 shower places

  • Decontinant tent
  • Use of tubs
  • Incl. lighting system LED FlexLine

This tent serves as a shower tent, an additional tent is placed in front of it as a dressing tent and connected to the detent. Behind the decontamination area you will find an additional dressing tent in which the person to be decontaminated can dry out and dress again.

technical details

length4,09 m
width4,60 m
side height2,05 m
Roof top2,85 m
Number of shower areas4
Number of decondest tubs1
Number of Hand-showers4
Weight110 kg
Connection water systemStorz D
LED Flexline lightsystem integrated
light strips used4 x 1,0m

Our PRZ 18, which you can find in the PRZ tents in the PRZ area, serves as a dressing and undressing tent in this system.