EIU 16

Mobile vacuum isolation station for highly infectious patients for HEPA filter / ventilation system.

Design and size allow use both indoors and outdoors with a weather protection roof (opt.).
Can also be used as a tent-in-tent solution in large inflatable quick-deployment tents.
Fast assembly guarantees short reaction times: only approx. 3 min for the EIU 16 and approx. 30 min for the equipment.
3-room design with separate rooms for treatment, disinfection shower and changing room.
Separate entrances for a) patient and equipment and b) operating and nursing staff.
Disinfection shower and changing room are made as a separate part and are easily replaceable.
All materials used are highly resistant to chemicals and easy to disinfect.
Coated zippers connect the individual rooms of the EIU 16 with each other.
All zippers on the outside are gas-tight and protect the environment from contamination

EIU 16 is a highly mobile isolation station for infectious patients. The inflatable frame was specially developed for use in a hospital room to convert an existing room into a fully-fledged, vacuum-ventilated isolation station with an integrated disinfection shower and changing room or airlock.
A special HEPA filter / ventilation system sucks the air from the different parts of the EIU 16 and produces a negative pressure of approx. 20 Pa. The filter unit has an additional UV light source as a supplementary safeguard even during operation and when changing the filter.
Automatic valves allow the inflow of fresh ambient air and maintain the negative pressure.
The entire cabin is screwed to the air frame and can be replaced quickly and easily by inexperienced personnel in the event of damage or contamination.

The combination of disinfection shower and changing room is made separately and also mounted with screws. 2 separate entrances provide quick and easy access for materials and equipment, the patient on the one hand and the medical staff on the other.

Access to patient and equipment remains sealed while the EIU is operating.

technical details

Dimensions (LxHxW) outsideca. 4.500 x 4.700 x 2.500 mm
Dimensions (LxHxW) insideca. 4.000 x 4.000 x 2.150 mm
Areaca. 4.000 x 4.000 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) shower / changing roomca. 2.000 x 1.000 x 2.150 mm (jeweils)
Weightca. 100 kg (o. techn. Ausr.)
Construction personnel1-2 people
Construction timeca. 3-4 minutes