Instantaneous water heater type DEH 90

This compact, mobile instantaneous water heater was developed in collaboration with users for use in disaster control and major emergencies.

Designed for mobile decontamination, field kitchens and hygiene areas, designed for use with drinking water. All fittings and heating coil in stainless steel and water-bearing components in accordance with DVGW.

Powerful 90 kW combination module for fast, mobile hot/hot water supply in drinking water quality up to 3,000 l/h.
Immediate hot water supply 30 – 38 °C for several personal showers (hygiene/CBRN). Controlled temperature regulation via thermal mixing valve with scalding protection.
Instant hot water preparation up to 90 °C for field kitchens, catering and field storage systems.

High operating and functional reliability:

  • E-control 24V/low voltage
  • Automatic operation with SLEEP MODE – RESTART automatic
  • Flame control system/CE for safe burner operation
  • Pressure indicator, pressure reducer and safety valve
  • Temperature displays for warm and hot water
  • Thermal disinfection connection

technical details

Flow rate540 to max. 3,000 L/h (Delta T 40°C)Max. 50 L / min, depending on temperature / water pressure
Working pressureMax. 10 bar, (integrated pressure reducer preset to 3 bar)
Water temperature / hot water adjustableApprox. 30 - 38°C to max. 70 °C with scalding protection
Water temperature / hot water directlyUp to 100 °C, (adjustable via internal thermostat)
Hot water connections2 x GEKA plus Ms/DVGW (optional Storz-D stainless steel/DVGW)
Hot water temperature Up to max. 90°C
Net heating capacityApprox. 90 kW (diesel)
Diesel consumption7.8 L/h (calculated for continuous operation)
Fuel tankApprox. 20 L capacity (optional - connection for external canister refueling)
Power connection / alternating current230V / 50Hz with 10 m connection cable, shockproof plug IP 68
Dimensions890 x 570 x 800 mm (LxWxH)
Weightapprox. 65 kg

Optional accessories:

  • Stainless steel smoke outlet with rain protection cap, double-walled and insulated (combustion protection)
  • Transport box 120 x 80 x 110 cm, installed on EUR pallet for safe transportation and storage
  • Integrated dosing and mixing system for decontamination agent on request