Disc-O-Bed Arm-O-Bunk

The battle-tested Disc-O-Bed® Deployments are tough, but beds shouldn’t be.

The old English adage “Well Rested – Well Tested” is still true when it comes to troop morale. Without adequate sleep, quality is compromised and stress levels rise. That’s why Disc-O-Bed® offers the back-supporting, durable cots with polyester matting for a restful and comfortable night’s sleep. The robust steel construction together with the innovative and modular Disc system provides ultimate stability, even under pressure. In addition, quick assembly is possible without any tools, as mobility is crucial when it comes to setting up an outpost.

  • Virtually indestructible. Our stability is second to none. Even under the most extreme conditions, Disc-O-Bed® is built to last with its rust-resistant steel frame. If you ever lose or need to replace a part, you can do so without having to replace the entire bed.
  • Designed to save space. Disc-O-Bed®’s stackable design saves space by allowing you to fit more troops per operations center. So you save in other places too – less space means less heating or air conditioning costs, as well as lower electricity costs. Plus, the Disc-O-Bed is compactly packaged for efficient shipping and storage.
  • Available space. Disc-O-Bed®’s versatility allows soldiers to make the most of the available space with the bunk bed function and matching accessories.
  • Load capacity. Disc-O-Bed®’s steel and sturdy mat construction supports both the soldier and their equipment with a load capacity of up to 272 kg per bunk.
  • Confirmed robust. The Arm-O-Bunk from Disc-O-Bed® exceeds all military troop relocation standards. We are proud to have supplied our military-proven beds for Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.
  • Comfort when it’s needed most. Not only does the Disc-O-Bed® remain stable throughout deployment, but it also provides maximum comfort with no cross braces to interfere.

technical details

Bed weight37 kg
Load capacity150 kg pro Einzelbett
External dimensions208 cm x 100 cm x 110 cm
Sleeping area201 cm x 88 cm
Height lower bed40 cm
Height upper bed99 cm
Packing size100 cm x 45 cm x 9 cm
Dimensions complete bag with 2 beds102 cm x 51 cm x 25 cm

A bed for the most extreme situations. The Arm-O-Bunk was specially developed for rapid deployment of troops. The idea behind it is a bunk bed-capable solution so that two people
people can be accommodated in the same space instead of just one. This innovative and compact design not only maximizes sleeping space, but can also be easily transported thanks to its small pack size. The sturdy mat offers solid comfort without the need for an extra mattress.