UT 18 awning

UT 18 awning

technical details

Length3,0 m
Width6,0 m
Area18,0 m²
Weight90 kg
Eaves height scaffold2,20 m
Eaves height inner tent2,0 m
Ridge height scaffolding3,10 m
Ridge heigth inner tent2,80 m
Truss spacing3,0 m
Longest part1,50 m
Snow load25 kg
Scaffolding profile60 x 30 x 2 mm
AluminiumExtruded anodized aluminum
Pipe connectionsConnector and kink connection
Maximum permissible wind load according to the norm DIN EN 13782:80 km/h (with correct and complete anchoring with all pegs and storm ropes)

The UT tents are a completely new tent system.

This tent system has a completely outside scaffold in which the actual tent is hung.
The scaffolding system can be completely folded and dismantled and the tent is suspended as a closed unit in the scaffolding, so that the following advantages are available:

  • Very small packing volume
  • Few items
  • Short setup time
  • Tent cover with bottom protects against moisture and insects
  • Additional sun roof as an option
  • Roof, side and gable tarpaulins:
  • PVC tarpaulin made of polyester fabric coated on both sides
  • Flame retardant according to DIN 4101 B1
  • Weight: 650 g / m²
  • Color: white / sand / olive
  • 1 entrance with zipper per gable set
  • Firmly sewn-on floor, PVC, color gray
  • 2 closable openings for warm air or air conditioning hose on each long side
  • 2 closable openings for electrical cables on each gable side
  • 2 windows (40 x 60 cm), 3-ply, with mosquito net, PVC window and roller blind
  • completely packed in a wooden box
  • Including all pegs and 4 storm lines

Optional accessories:

  • Partitions
  • Side entrances
  • lighting
  • heater
  • Ballast hoses