INHAG Covid Drive IN Testcenter

Drive-in test center

In order to test suspected cases relatively unproblematically, the drive-in test centers consisting of a simple folding pavilion with practical side walls, in which tests are carried out from the car, have already proven themselves in several countries around the world.

  • 1 x folding pavilion TYPE Inhag MAX 6×4 m with 2 additional legs:
  • including 4×2 m cab and 4×4 m car shelter, aluminum structure
  • 1 x closed side wall over 3 sides of 8 m with closed side wall flaps and two integrated roller doors (with zip) on the 2 m short sides
  • 1 x half-height side wall with crossbar of 4 m (height of 90 cm)
  • Can be individually printed

technical details

length6,0 m
width4,0 m
weight44 kg
Aluminium profileProfile thickness 46mm with material thickness 2.5mm