FU / FA 290

Field camp FU / FA

technical details

Length10,00 m
Width5,90 m
Area59,00 m²
Side height1,90 m
Ridge height2,90 m
WeightFU:136,00 kg / FA:198,00 kg
Adaptation inputs2 Gable

Our new FU or FA field camp tents have been specially developed to connect several tents together in a rainproof manner. Any number of tents can be connected to each other by installing adaptation tarpaulins with zippers between the tents.

The FU field camp tent has a mixed fabric roofing (cotton 50% / PES 50%)

The FA field camp tent has a roof made of PVC-coated special fabric.

Possible connections are:

  • Gable to gable
  • Gable to side
  • Side to side

To upgrade an existing MUZ or MAZ tent with a side height of 2.90 m, all you need is a new gable with an adaption zipper and door with zipper.

Our field camp tents have an entrance in each gable. This means that you can attach 2 further rainproof tents to each field camp tent.

The adaptation tarpaulins can be manufactured as required so that all variants of a camp are possible.