DDZ 290

Double roof tent DDZ 290

technical details

Length Outer tent10,0 m
Wide Outer tent5,95 m
Side height outer tent1,94 m
Ridge height outer tent2,90 m
Length inner tent8,0 m
Wide inner tent5,70 m
Side height inner tent1,84 m
Weight170 kg
Longest part2,44 m
Snow loadØ
Scaffolding profileAluminium tube 40 x 1,5 mm
AluminiumExtrudet anodized aluminium
Pipe connectionDie-cast aluminium connectors
Maximale zulässige Windlast gemäß Norm DIN EN 1378280 km/h (with correct and complete anchoring with all pegs and storm ropes)

Aid organizations use double roof tents especially in regions with extreme climate fluctuations. The 10 cm air gap between the outer and inner tent offers a special, additional twilight against cold or heat.

Furthermore, the PVC floor (option) that is sewn onto the inner tent offers special protection against vermin.

For this reason, more and more double roof tents have been used by youth organizations for holiday camps recently.

The tarpaulin of the outer tent can vary. Either as a cotton blended fabric tarpaulin (MUZ) or as a PVC tarpaulin (MAZ).

You can also freely choose the length of the inner tent.

Roof, side and gable tarpaulins:

  • Cotton blended fabrics (50% cotton / 50% polyester)
  • Weight: 440 g / m²
  • Color: natural
  • 1 entrance per loop set with loop and eye closure
  • Both gable parts can be removed and moved
  • 1 or 2 windows (40 x 60 cm) with mosquito net and external rollers on each long side
  • All-round PVC lazy strips at the lower end
  • Pack sack for scaffolding, tarpaulin and accessories
  • Including all pegs and 4 storm lines

Roof, side and gable tarpaulins Inner tent:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Weight: 280 g / m²
  • Color: natural
  • An entrance in a gable end
  • 1-2 windows with mosquito net on each long side
  • Both gables are firmly sewn to the roof
  • optionally with a sewn-on PVC floor for the inner tent

Optional accessories:

  • Partitions
  • Flooring
  • Side entrances
  • Roll-up pages
  • Additional windows
  • lighting
  • heater
  • Ballast hoses