ZUWA Impeller pump

For installation outside the shower area.

The impeller pump in combination with the flat suction mat is the ideal solution when water needs to be extracted in the shower area. And without endangering people standing in the shower water. The robust and flexible rubber mats adapt perfectly to any unevenness. The flat suction technology (in contrast to submersible pumps or wet vacuum cleaners) enables the liquid to be pumped out completely.





technical details

MediumDirty water / grain size max. 2 mm
Temperature0 - 60 °C
Motor230V, 50HZ, 4,3A
Motor power0,56 kW
Max. delivery head7 m
Flow rate60 L / min
Weight9,2 kg
Cable length10 m
Electrical connectionPlug IP 54
Hose connectionGeka coupling

Measures according to VDE 100

VDE 100 describes the use of electrical appliances in the bathroom.

Due to these protection areas, we recommend setting up a pump outside the shower area in tents and decontamination facilities. Drainage using pumps in the shower area can lead to electric shock in extreme cases.

“Special protective measures apply to electrical installations in rooms with showers and/or bathtubs. They must be installed in such a way that there is no risk of electric shock in the wet rooms. The protected areas in the bathroom are defined in DIN 57100/VDE 100 Part 701. “This distinguishes between four areas:

Area 0 – indoor bathtub or shower
Only luminaires with protection class IP X7 (protected against the effects of immersion) may be used here. In addition, only permanently installed devices with a safety extra-low voltage < 12 volts or battery-operated devices (< 12 volts) may be installed. Underwater lighting in the whirlpool is permitted as required.

Area 1 – Area above the bath or shower tray
The area includes the surfaces above the bath or shower tray up to a height of 2.25 m above the floor. Within a radius of 60 cm around the shower head or bath or shower tray, the luminaires must comply with protection class IP X5 (protected against water jets) as a minimum. Only the installation of permanently installed appliances (e.g. boilers, ventilation units) is permitted, whereby the electrical supply lines to these appliances must be protected against water jets.

Area 2 – 60 cm area
This area is limited to areas with a depth of 60 cm in front of the bathtub or shower, on the sides of the wall up to a height of 2.25 m in the area of the walls from the top edge of the floor. The same requirements apply as in protection area 1, but the installation of lights and the connection of washing machines is possible. Sockets and switches are not permitted. The lights must have a minimum protection rating of IP X4 (protected against splash water). This area becomes smaller if a partition wall protects the electrical appliances from splashing water.

Area 3 – 240 cm area
Protection area 3 includes areas with a depth of 240 cm in front of protection area 2, on the sides of the wall up to a height of 2.25 m from the top edge of the floor. Socket outlets and switches are permitted if they are protected with an F1 protective device and are powered individually by isolating transformers or with safety extra-low voltage < 12 volts. The installation of junction boxes is also permitted in area 3. Cables are not permitted in all areas that serve to supply other rooms or locations.

Sockets, even if they are built into the luminaire, and switches are not permitted in areas 0, 1 and 2. However, switches built into luminaires are permitted, but must not reduce the degree of protection. Circuit cables for lighting can only be laid in area 2 and in the remaining space.

Functional principle of an impeller pump

Suction, build up delivery pressure, delivery.