water supply unit

The water supply unit is needed if

  • there is no water pipe system in front of the instantaneous water heater and water must be drawn in from a reservoir
  • or a pipe system is available, but does not guarantee a sufficient or continuous pipe pressure (6 bar).


  • 1 x connection suction side Storz D
  • 1 x suction side pre-filter / coarse filter
  • 1 x self-priming pump KSB Multi Eco Top
  • Multi-stage, self-priming centrifugal pump in block design, including pressure tank with exchangeable membrane body in drinking water
  • quality, total volume 20l, pressure switch for automatic operation of the pump, automated with an automatic switch
  • Flow rate: 4500 L / h
  • Delivery head: max. 10 m
  • Pressure increase: max. 8 bar
  • Connection: 230 V / 1.1 KW
  • 1 x connection pressure side Storz D
  • Complete system assembled in aluminum checker plate box.