K2F Pump

The K2F pump is particularly suitable for dewatering in continuous vacuum suction mode. It is ideal for flat suction on flat surfaces. The K2F sucks even the smallest amounts of water self-priming (from 2 mm). The water is only drawn in from the side. The base plate prevents sucking on the surface. A check valve over the inlet strainer prevents water from leaking when the pump is raised or turned off. The pump is self-priming and safe to run dry.

technical details

Discharge nozzleG 1 ¼ oder optional Storz D
mediumSchmutzwasser / Korngröße max. 4 mm
Temperatur0 - 45 °C
engine1 / 230 V / 50 Hz
Engine power0,43 kW
Rated current2,1 A
Max. Head7 m
Output170 L / min
Weight5,1 kg
Immersion depthmax. 10 m
Cable length10 m
connectionStecker IP 44