Instantaneous water heater HWM 100

Hot water module HWM 100

Highly mobile instantaneous water heater suitable for drinking water for heating drinking water with variable flow rates from 700 to 3000 l/h at an adjustable temperature. All parts that come into contact with drinking water are suitable for drinking water or approved for drinking water in accordance with DVGW and KTW. The entire system complies with the generally recognized rules of technology.

technical details

Working pressureMax. 10 bar
How water adjustableLockable at 38°C. Adjustable from 38°C to 45 °C >70° with thermal disinfection
Flow rateApprox. 700 - 3000 l/h depending on temperature/water pressure
Heating capacity100 kW
Diesel consumption9,4 l/h (Diesel)
Power connection230 V / 50 Hz 16A
Dimensions960 x 600 x 800 mm
WeightCa. 160 kg

General description

Transport / Assembly
The HWM 100 can be transported using the castors integrated in the robust stainless steel frame and the 4 carrying handles. Thanks to its low weight of approx. 160 kg and compact design, it can be easily carried and loaded onto vehicles as well as transported by sea or air.
Thanks to its universal design, the HWM 100 can be connected directly to a drinking water network or supplied from a drinking water tank using an optional pump. Thermal disinfection enables chemical-free transportation and operation.

The innovative design allows temperature-stable operation from 700 – 3000 l/h, which allows universal use, e.g. for supplying emergency showers with one to six shower heads. The control electronics automatically adapt to the current water flow rate and the inlet temperature. The burner system has been optimized through improved geometry and burner electronics for efficient heating performance and minimal limescale formation.

Cleaning, disinfection
High-quality components and an innovative design make it possible to disinfect all parts that come into contact with water without the use of chemical cleaning agents in accordance with TrinkwV 2001. In addition to normal operation, the optionally available drinking water pump can be used as a cleaning and disinfection pump in the corresponding circulation mode (possible with optional accessories). Suitable cleaning and descaling agents can be supplied on request.

Optional accessories:

  • 1 x HWM 100 drinking water pump (1.346-110.0)
  • 1 x Disinfection box HWM 100 consisting of:
    • Plastic box with lid
    • Food-approved hose lines (4.123-065.0 1)
    • Water hose, 7.5 m, 2 x Storz D 3/4″ (4.440-301.0 4720-12-326-7839 1)
    • Pressure hose, 7.5 m, 2 x Storz D 1″ (4.440-309.0 4720-12-395-9644 1)
    • RM 21 neutral shower/cleaning agent (6.291-211.0 6850-12-173-3864 1)
    • RM 101 Descaling agent containing hydrochloric acid for the heating coil (6.287-013.0 1)
    • RM 31 alkaline cleaning agent neutralization after descaling (6.291-314.0 6850-12-173-0724)