PRCD-S safety distribution board solid rubber 400V 16A with NM5p

Mobile solid rubber distributor model SPITZ IP54

  • Control electronics for monitoring
  • 1 x NM5p protective device 5-phase system PCE installed.
  • 2 x load contactor 12.5 kW AC3 for disconnecting the power supply 5-pole

technical details

Dimensions320 x 320 x 320 mm
Input2m Kabel H07RN-F 5G2,5mm2 with CEE plug 16A 5p 400V 6h IP67
Output1x CEE socket outlet 16A 5p 400V IP67 fused d. back-up fuse supply line
3 x SK socket outlet 16A 250V IP66/68 fused d. back-up fuse supply line
Fuse protection1 x FI 40A/4/0.03A (TYPE A 25AT) across all outlets