The HELIOS RADIANT SAFETY GLASS TENT HEATER® is an efficient heating device for emergency tents. It is virtually maintenance-free and reaches its full heating capacity after just a few seconds. With its universal straps, it can be quickly installed in frame tents and pneumatic constructions. It has a 5 m long H07 power cable and an IP 68 safety plug.

The HELIOS RADIANT SAFETY GLASS TENT HEATER® is a universal infrared radiant heater for use in rapid deployment tents and large rooms. It is the ideal solution for quickly heating cold and damp interior spaces. The heat reaches people directly as radiant heat and is perceived as pleasant. It also leads to a reduction in humidity. The Helios Radiant Safety Glass Ten. Heater is virtually maintenance-free and can be mounted on various types of tent struts or on telescopic floor stands with its various accessories.

The heater comes from Star Progretti and has been used worldwide for many years due to its efficiency and safety. The “Tent Heater” model was developed for the special requirements of rapid deployment tents.

technical details

Heatable areaapprox. 12 - 14 m²
Heat-resistant safety glass
Wide.angle reflector
220 / 240 V 50 / 60 HZ
InFraCalor light sourcePower 2000 watts
Protection classIP 23
Power cable3 m plug IP 68
Dimensions48 x 24 x 20 cm
Weight5 kg
Accessories suppliedUniversal straps for mounting
Optional accessoriesMoount for use with floor stand

The advantages:

  • Extremely quick and easy use of the appliance
  • Instant heat in just a few seconds
  • Compared to other systems, the HELIOS RADIANT SAFETY GLASS TENT HEATER® heats people immediately, comparable to solar radiation
  • The special wide-angle reflector enables large-area and even heating
  • Heats an area of 12-14 m²
  • Moves neither air nor dust
  • Absolutely noiseless
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Its accessories allow it to be mounted on the wall or ceiling of tents
  • Can also be used on telescopic floor stands (standard spigot)