INHAG Zelte und Zubehör

field hospitals / mobile large accommondation tents

Inhag offers three possibilities to realize field hospitals (mobile army surgical hospitals) and mobile large accommodation tents:

  1. mobile inflatable tents for disaster relief in extreme operational areas (type Pars). These tents are meant for long term humanitarian or military operations. They resist climates from -40 °C up to + 70 °C and a snow load up to 25 kg/m². When fixed with the provided anchorage the tents are resistant to wind load up to 100 km/h. Due to three different sizes it is possible to build field hospitals of any required size and design.

  2. mobile rapidly deployable tents type PRZ. With our center tent MPZ we are able to put up a crosswise field hospital or large accommodation system within the shortest possible time.

  3. combination of tents and mobile ambulance containers. We offer two different kinds of container equipment (ambulance and surgical) which can be combined with the tents.