INHAG mobile solid rubber distributor IP 67

Portable solid rubber distributor IP67

Dimensions WxHxD 320x320x320mm

Installation of all rail-mounted devices under hinged covers with hinge locks made of V2A

Distributors are stackable

CEE sockets and protective contact sockets with nickel-plated contacts

3m cable H07RN-F 5G2.5 with CEE plug 16A 5p 400V IP67

2 FI circuit breakers 25/4 / 0.03A

2 CEE sockets 16A 5p 400V IP67

4 FI / LS switches 16A 30mA

4 safety sockets 16A 250V IP68

technical details

Connection cablesocket H07RN-F 5G2,5 mit CEE Stecker 16A 5P 400V IP 67
validationFI circuit breaker 25/4 / 0.03A
Built-in sockets4 safety sockets 16A 250V IP68
Built-in CEE sockets2 CEE sockets 16A 5p 400V IP67
Artikel Nr. 870003